After care advice.

Here’s some useful after care advice and product information

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Heat/cold therapy – which should you use?

Your osteopath should advise you, but generally, if you have a mild reaction to treatment, which lasts for up to 24-48hrs, then it usually helps to use an ice pack. That’s because the cold reduces any heat, inflammation and swelling. Ice packs should be applied over light clothing for 5-10 minutes and then re-applied every hour if possible (or at least 3-4 times a day), for up to 24 hours. If you feel the reaction is severe or if you have any concerns, please contact us for advice. Heat is often used to help muscles relax and to improve blood flow to the area. Usually, a warm bath or shower will suffice, but heat packs can be applied in the same way as ice packs, or as advised by your osteopath.

Better Health – the perfect gift

We sell gift vouchers for our services (starting at £5) or you can buy someone a single treatment or course of treatment.

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Exercises for home

During your initial consultation, your osteopath will discuss your prognosis and may suggest exercises you can do at home to help your rehabilitation. If you would like more advice in this area, please ask your osteopath at your next appointment. We are happy to print out exercise sheets or email them to you. If you have experienced discomfort after carrying out a recommended exercise, stop the exercise and contact us.

Products to buy

We sell a range of items that complement our treatment and can help ease your discomfort. If you need more information about any of these products, please ask.

Product  Additional Info  Price
 Wheaty Bags  From £8.50
 Reusable Ice Packs  Use Hot or Cold  From £11
 Instant Ice packs  £2.50
 Bio Freeze roll-on gel  £9.45
 Bio Freeze tube gel  £9.45
 Various Pillows  Including Sissel Memory Foam & Goldilocks brands From £45 – depends on measurements.
 Emu Balm  To Massage on the Skin  £20 (RRP: £25)
 Various Lamberts Suppliments  Ask For Individual Prices
 Foot/Arch Support & Various Joint Supports Depends on individual (bespoke)

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What do our patients think?

Really nice people and service. Very relaxed, informal but professional. I didn't really have anything 'wrong' but every now and again I like to get checked over. Some tight vertebrae, tight muscles in my neck and thigh were identified and loosened off - as Olwen said I'd be an inch taller, not sure how long it lasted for though. As a desk worker Olwen also gave some really useful information on posture and seat setup that made quite a difference, can't recommend Leek Ostopathic Health Centre enough!

Marc Briand

It really is the place to go if your in pain. The treatment is first class!

Melody Cartledge

Excellent Osteopath with treatments for M.E patients - using the 'Perrin Technique'

Kathryn Turnock

M.E. is a very debilitating condition to live with. I. like all other people living with M.E. are looking for ways to make myself well again. I have been fortunate to find Helen and the Perrin Technique. With Helen’s treatment, support and careful pacing I’m slowly getting my life back.

M.E Patient

Fabulous! Helen White has been brilliant with both myself & my baby. I took Siân at 4 weeks old for help with her neck. Since born, she hadn't been able to look right very well. 3 treatments later, she was totally better. Such a relief. Sleeping & feeding improved. I have arthritis & I decided to give it a go for myself. Thank goodness I did. Huge improvement. Recommended to everyone.

Jane Wood

Helen sorted my Mum out quickly when she had back problem. 5 stars!

Catrina Clulow

I have seen a number of Osteopaths over the years, these are by far the best.

Osteopathy Patient

1st class treatment from a gifted osteopath. Thank you!

Amanda Bagshaw

Freya is brilliant. She's really improved my movement and my pain levels in a couple of visits. Lovely lady too.

Helen Caldwell

Excellent practice, very welcoming and always on time. Helen and Alan are extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Patient Testimonial

Alan was fantastic at listening to my concerns. He focused on the whole body including mind-set not just physical symptoms.

Patient Testimonial